Where Allows Vaping in Europe?

Smoking was once a fashionable pastime, portrayed as being glamourous and trendy for both men and women. Indeed, in the Golden Age of Hollywood, it was common for a leading man or woman to smoke on screen – something that would be unheard of in modern films! This is because, back then, it was not known that smoking was linked to certain forms of cancer and lung disease, and when this became clear, smoking became less socially acceptable. Nowadays, of course, it is banned in public buildings throughout the UK – as well as in much of Europe and the rest of the world – and has become very much a frowned-upon activity.

In the light of the demise of smoking as an acceptable act, a replacement came into the picture: vaping. Vaping uses an e-Cigarette – an electronic device that heats a liquid that gives you the same effect as a nicotine rush, but that actually contains little or no nicotine. The liquid, when heated, becomes vapour – as opposed to smoke – and it can be bought in many different flavours. It is worth mentioning that, in some quarters, vaping is controversial, and debate still rages about its ultimate safety. However, it is also a proven way of quitting smoking cigarettes, so is favoured by many smokers.

Vaping in Europe

If you are planning a trip to Europe it is important you know that vaping is not allowed in some countries. This is due to individual regulations concerning the sale of nicotine and vaping liquids. We had a look at vaping laws in Europe, and found that the following countries do not allow the sale or use of vaping liquid, even that with zero nicotine content: Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland – in all of these countries you cannot vape, and they are quote strict about the matter, so if you are travelling there, be careful.

There are some countries where the laws are unclear, but it’s safe to say the main tourist destinations in Western Europe all allow the sale of vape mods, although we advise that you seek advice on the state of play in the particular city or town you are visiting before assuming you are free to vape. Beyond Western Europe, check with the tourism agency for more information, and to remain on the safe side.

The Best Vape Mods

If you are not yet vaping but are considering the option, we found a great review of the top 10 best vape mods at bestreviewer.co.uk, a great website where you can find a selection of comprehensive reviews of many household items, garden implements, gadgets and more. They give you details of specifications, capacity and pros and cons, as well as offering an idea of what you should expect to pay.

While the jury is still out on the absolute safety of vaping, there is little doubt it is safer than traditional cigarettes, so if you want to quit, this could be the easiest way to do so. Check out the website now for more information, and start your path to quitting right now.

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