Tips for Driving in Europe

European roads have different rules. Knowing them when you drive in Europe can save you from plenty of trouble. It can be confusing at first, but you can get the hang of it over time.

Renting a car in Europe is a good way to see the different scenic routes. If you know what a BCD (Budget Customer Discount) code is, then you know that you can get a good deal when you rent a car. You can use your budget coupon code to book a car rental in Europe. But before you do, here are some tips to remember for your European drive.

Get an Insured Rental Car

Be sure you have car insurance and breakdown coverage before you drive in Europe. This will come at an additional cost when you rent a car. In many cases, you can use coupon codes to get a discount on your insured rental car. Checking the type of coverage can give you an idea of what coverage you have.

Never Call or Text While Driving

Stop yourself from using your mobile phone when on the road in Europe, not only because it’s unsafe but also because it’s illegal. Even if you can get away with using your phone hands-free, it is better to follow the rules and avoid paying an expensive fine.

Understand How the Toll Collection Works

Researching the European countries that you will visit can help you understand how their toll collections work. Some regions require a sticker on specific roads. This sticker will save you from paying a toll. Others accept cash at their toll gates.

Check Several Times During Passing

Make it a habit to check your side and rearview mirrors before you pass. It may seem excessive but it is necessary. Fast drivers in Europe might damage your vehicle or cause an even more serious accident if you do not avoid them.

Gauge the car’s speed with your car’s mirrors. Doing so can help you know when it is time to pass.

Keep Right All the Time

Staying in the right-hand lane is the main rule. You only use the left lane if you want to pass other cars. Remembering this can prevent angry honks and icy looks from other drivers.

Never Turn Right When the Light Is Red

It is completely illegal to turn right when the traffic light is red. Some regions have signals or signs indicating that you can turn right on a red traffic light.

Do Not Exceed the Speed Limit

The standard speed limit in most European countries is 120 to 130 kilometers per hour on motorways. On rural roads, the limit is 80 to 90 kilometers per hour. Urban roads usually have a speed limit of 50 kilometers per hour. You can do some research on the European region that you want to visit so you’ll know what speed limits are imposed in the area.


Driving on European roads can be challenging for first-time drivers. You can make your experience more fulfilling by researching the region that you want to visit. Renting a car in Europe with help you see first-hand how roads and traffic work in this part of the world. Following the tips above can make your European driving experience pleasant and worth remembering.