Ching-He Huang: the new Chinese takeaway

Ching-He Huang is part of a new wave of Chinese cuisine that is locally sourced and low on the dreaded MSGs.

This gushing blog was brought to you by Tourism...

Tourism Ireland may have breached consumer protection rules by commissioning YouTube stars to promote the country without requiring them to disclose clearly that they were engaged in paid-for marketing.

Rail company warns of travel chaos

Train travellers are being warned to expect months of disruption as work begins on the electrification of rail routes in central Scotland.

Low-cost airline to start US route from Edinburgh

More than 100 jobs are to be created after Norwegian, the low-cost airline, set out plans to expand its operations in Scotland.

Airline uses radio chips to track down lost bags

It can leave even the most hardened traveller feeling a little sick. You’re stood at the airport baggage carousel with cases and backpacks of every shape and colour slowly winding their way past your eyes — but yours is nowhere to be seen. Now airlines are preparing to solve the problem of lost luggage by introducing technology to track bags …

From eclipses to volcanoes: set sail for natural wonders

Take in the glaciers in Iceland, the midnight sun in Norway or eruptions in the Mediterranean.
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