Villas go tropical

There’s a home from home waiting when you need that essential fix of winter sun.

Where to enjoy the sun and the slopes

Coastal properties within easy reach of a ski resort are proving popular with adventurous second-home buyers.

Holiday photos: 8 clever tips, tricks and trends

Want to remove an unwanted interloper, turn your travel photography into art or make them 3D? Here’s how…

The Art of Sports Photography: Marc Aspland’s favourite images

Marc Aspland, the chief sports photographer of The Times, was awarded an honorary fellowship by the Royal Photographic Society at a ceremony at the Royal Society.

Tents with altitude in Ladakh

Travellers now have a luxurious alternative to the often basic accommodation in this beautiful, but remote, area.

Capsule hotels attract far too many vulgar foreigners, say...

They are as Japanese as sushi and kimonos; a cramped but ingenious solution to the problem of finding affordable accommodation in one of the world’s most expensive countries.

Love hotels set to meet Olympics room shortage

They are one of the most striking features of Japanese cities — streets of windowless buildings, adorned with gaudy neon, displaying the cost of rooms rented by the hour. Now the government is on a drive to convert Japan’s “love hotels” into much needed accommodation for tourists.

Zika virus detected in British and US travellers

Three Britons have been infected with zika virus, which is linked to deformities in babies, after travelling to South and Central America, Public Health England said.

Hold the vodka, 007! How to drink martinis

I can’t say I’m surprised Daniel Craig has switched to a dirty martini for the latest James Bond escapade — but I am disappointed.

Roast beef

I have used topside here, which is one of the less-expensive cuts of beef. It is also a lean cut, so is best served rare, cold and finely sliced, which, with copious quantities of good, homemade mayonnaise, is just how I like to eat it on a hot summer’s day.
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