Outdoor Gyms are Becoming More Popular! Perfect for Travellers

Travelling is an exciting and enjoyable pursuit, and with many wonderful and diverse countries to visit, Europe is fast becoming a must-see place for people from all over the world. The wonderfully evocative cities of London and Paris, for example, have much to offer in terms of cultural attractions, great food and thriving, lively bars, while Rome is one of the most amazing and historic cities anywhere in the world. With countries such as Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria now becoming popular with visitors there is much to find in Central Europe, too, so they are worth checking out.

If you are a keep fit fan who is travelling, you will want to keep up at least a part of your routine. It is all too easy to become lazy and complacent when you are not at home, but it really is something you should try not to do. You may find that you put weight on quickly when enjoying different food, and long train or aeroplane journeys can mean you don’t get enough exercise, so being able to take some time out and perform your regular exercises is a valuable asset. The problem is, where do you do it?

Find the Best Outdoor Gym

If you are staying in a hotel, you may be offered the use of a gym. This can be a great way of keeping fit, but it’s not always included in the price. However, what is interesting is that outdoor gyms are becoming more prevalent. Even in the UK, where the weather does not always play along, outdoor gym equipment is appearing in public parks and other open spaces, and these are the ideal places to get your routines in when you have limited time.

The typical outdoor gym will not include complex machinery and equipment, but simple and usable stuff that is ideal for a quick exercise routine. You will certainly find it includes an outdoor pull up bar which is one of the most versatile of all gym equipment, and you can perform a variety of chin ups, pull ups and more, all in the outdoors, and all are very sensible exercises for someone on the move who wants to keep fit. If you’re more into game-based workouts, and you have the company to play with, maybe try something more like a portable basketball hoop to help you get fit while having fun. It’s often a lot easier to work out if you actually enjoy the process of it.

The Outdoor Exercise Station

Enjoying your outdoor exercising is part of the deal, and wherever you are in the world, you will find that you are sharing the space with like-minded travellers who are looking to keep fit while they are on the move. You might even meet people who are heading your way, so may pick up new companions for the next part of your journey. For the most part, however, it’s about keeping your fitness trim and ready for the road, as you never know when you might have to show your true stamina!

So, wherever you are heading check in advance for the nearest outdoor gym, and make sure you eat healthily and enjoy your journey to the full.

Why You Should Visit Vietnam Now!

Some countries simply demand to be explored; Vietnam, with its diverse culture, glorious landscapes, stunning beaches and magnificent, vibrant cities, ranks among the best. What is it about this wonderful South-East Asian country that makes it so special? It’s all of the above and more – plus the fact the majority of Vietnam remains untouched and undeveloped, and remains as it has been for centuries.

Yet to be over-run by tourists – in fact, until quite recently it would not have made a list of even possible places to visit – Vietnam is an experience like no other. The cities and towns offer you the chance to visit excellent restaurants and sample the local cuisine – seafood is a staple part of the diet, so if that is up your street you simply must go – while the amazing countryside offers a diverse and always beautiful selection of sights and scenes. Then there’s the history of the place – both ancient and recent – which is documented in some fascinating and compelling museums that are certainly worth visiting.

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

I want to tell you about the two main cities in Vietnam – Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City. The thing is, they are both must-see places, but as different as could be. Hanoi, in the north, is a wonderful place; it offers a real opportunity to experience the old and the new of Vietnam, and the Old Quarter is simply one of the most wonderful, charming and friendly places in the world. Colourful and welcoming, there is plenty to see and do in Hanoi, and it comes highly recommended from me.

Ho Chi Minh City – formerly Saigon, and now named after the former Prime Minister who remains an icon of the country – is a bustling, lively, whirlwind of a place. You won’t find many cities as exciting and busy as this one, and yet it resonates with history and is certainly intoxicating. You can stay in anything from top-class hotels to cheap guest houses, and east in a choice of street cafes or classy restaurants – the choice is yours, but I urge you not to miss it.

Travelling in Vietnam

It is worth remembering that much of Vietnam remains undeveloped, so if you are travelling, prepare for road surfaces that are not as smooth as you are used to at home! The most popular method of travel in Vietnam is by motorcycle, and I recommend you hire one for the duration if you are planning to explore the country properly. You should check out Tigit Motorbikes, who have depots in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Danang where you can pick up and return your bike, and you will find their rates to be excellent, and their guarantees of reliability to be reassuring.

There really is every reason to visit this wonderful, enticing and exciting country now, before the crowds begin to flood in. It will leave you with memories you will never forget, so book your trip now, and look forward to finding out about Vietnam – a country like no other.

How to make Money while Travelling in Europe

Travelling in Europe and working at the same time can be very rewarding. Not only can you make extra money, but also enjoy your travelling experience than most people do. With Wi-Fi and the right tools of trade, working with a laptop can be convenient. Below are some of the areas you can venture into.

Online Freelancing

With the technological advancement today, it is now possible for companies to hire freelancers from all parts of the world. For instance, if there is a company looking for a travel article about Europe, the chances are that they will hire a writer who has some experience with the location. It means that you have a lot of opportunities to exercise your skills and earn extra money. You may have skills ideal for online work such as copywriting, web design, or even social media consulting, and these can be great money makers for you. The hours of engagement will depend on your niche, skills and the amount of work available.


This is more of a long-term solution since blogs tend not to create incomes immediately. Some blogs go for up to a year without earning anything. However, if you believe you have great work ethics and are passionate about a certain subject you would like to explore, a blog is the perfect platform for you. When staging a blog for sustainable income, you must have dedication. You must have the ability to manage it, stick to deadlines, follow a schedule, be very creative and write passionately. The much you earn is dependent on how you monetise the platform, the amount of work put in and your type of blog.

Invest in the main Asset Classes

Online trading is so far the leading platform for earning while travelling in Europe because you only need internet access and a laptop. Asset classes are a group of investments that have the same characteristics. You can only succeed by building a portfolio that demonstrates a good balance of the main asset classes, including bonds, equities and cash. Striking a good balance allows you to manage your risk and secure great returns.

Invest in CFD

 Equities are great investment platforms because they tend to offer income opportunities and expose the investor to many sectors that offer growth and diversity. Owning equity in a company that has growth potential means you benefit from capital gains after the assets grow in value. Equities include mutual funds, CFDs and stocks. When you purchase a stock, for instance, you own a part of a company and get the chance to grow your returns as the business improves. Because stocks are extremely volatile, they are the riskiest in this category, and it is common for them to lose 50 percent of their value. This is the single-most important reason to research carefully on the best stocks to invest in, not forgetting to pay close attention to what CMC Markets has to say about such vehicles.

Invest in Bonds

Unlike stocks, bonds are less risky. They more of represent debts, meaning that when you purchase a bond, you lend money to a bond issuer and get a certificate for it. The cheapest way to purchase them is through ETF bonds as they are available at low rates. In fact, investing in bonds creates a balanced portfolio, calms volatility and strengthens diversification.

Day Trading

When it comes to day trading, there are many techniques that can be applied. You can find the best fit for you by researching on the different avenues available, including regular stocks, options, futures, forex and penny stocks. You can choose to be a swing trader where you are free to hold a position for long periods. It is very important for you to identify an avenue that is comfortable for and then look for the right strategy to approach your trading. What is important is to choose an approach that suits your preferences and lifestyle. You also need to have the understanding of charting and technical trading. Since day trading does not require full-time attention, it is always a viable option for travellers.

These are the most common and promising ways to earn while you travel to Europe. However, there are many more options available for you; it only requires a little research. Doing it right gives you the chance to make good money within a short period.

5 Reasons to Visit Manchester Right Now

Manchester is one of the UK’s most important cities from an economic perspective. And the city is home to plenty of famous faces, while many others have studied there. But if you’re planning a trip to Europe, the local economy and its famous alumni might not be top of your list when deciding which cities to stop off at. So just what is it about Manchester that means this city should be well up there on your list of must see spots?

  1. Sports Teams

Love sport? Then Manchester has you covered. As well as two of the biggest football teams in the country (Manchester United and Manchester City), the city has a rugby union team (Sale Sharks), there are several nearby rugby league teams and plenty of options for other sports too.

So soak up the sporting atmosphere while on your visit.

2. The Music

Famous Manchester bands include Oasis, the Smithes, Stone Roses, the Chemical Brothers and Inspiral Carpets. And that’s just a handful. There are plenty of clubs around the city that celebrate Manchester’s iconic music heritage so you can enjoy it too.

3. The Architecture

Manchester is a great city for sightseers. Walking around the city itself, you see a phenomenal mixture of old and new architecture. The red bricks of the Northern Quarter, the big glass fronted buildings of recent years and the victorian mills make Manchester a mixing pot in architectural terms. It’s great to walk around the city and enjoy the buildings.

Check out some of the buildings in this Flickr album.

4. Culture

Museums and art galleries in huge supply in Manchester. The Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester Art Gallery and the Imperial War Museum North are amongst over a dozen museums you can enjoy. Plus, museums and art galleries are free entry in the UK with the option of making a donation. Brilliant.

5. The Nightlife

Manchester’s nightlife is massively varied. From the hip bars of the Northern Quarter to the trendy cocktails of Spinningfields and the indie clubs that have been part of the city’s fabric for years – there is a bar, club, restaurant or theatre to meet all tastes.

And guess what? A night out in Manchester will typically set you back just a fraction of cost of a night out in London.

So go on. Get Manchester on your list and pay us a visit. Friendly people, great nightlife and plenty of culture await you. Unfortunately, great weather is not guaranteed (or likely!) though! Bring your umbrella!

10 Steps to Plan the Perfect Vacation in 2017

There are two things you need to keep in mind if you want to have a great vacation: plan and execution. When it comes to execution, things often tend to take unexpected turns, but the more time you spend in the planning stage, the less likely you are to make a crucial oversight. You may not be able to think of everything at once, which is why you need to start making a list as soon as possible. Here are few ideas about the things you should include in your planning.

1.      Decide on the Destination

The first thing you need to do is plan your destination. Think of a place you have always wanted to visit and think about making your dream come true this year. Seeing how the success of the trip depends on your personal disposition, you may want to do some research about this particular destination and what it has to offer in terms of accommodation and entertainment.

2.      Set the Date

You also need to learn a thing or two about the local climate conditions and the best time to travel. Going mid-season may be extremely expensive, but going off-season can prevent you from fully enjoying all the beauties of your desired location.

3.      Plan Your Route

After you have done your research on your target location, you need to think about the places you intend to visit when you arrive. This depends on various factors, like whether you are going with a family, with your significant other, or alone. It also depends on your budget.

4.      Plan Your Budget

Speaking of budget, you need to decide on the greatest amount of money you would be willing to spend on this excursion. There are many things you need to pay for, like transportation (airplane, train, gas, and taxi services when you arrive), the hotel rooms, the restaurants, and tickets to concerts and museums. The more money you have, the more options you will have, but this doesn’t mean you should indebt yourself simply so you can go on a trip.

5.      Browse for Offers

The content of the offer is not the only thing that determines its price. Different agencies will often have different offers, so it might be worth your while to check out more than a few sources before you set your mind on anything in particular. Moreover, the method of payment is as important as the price itself. For example,one of your options are layby holidays, which can be booked with an affordable deposit and then gradually paid off.

6.      Pack Adequately

Another thing you should think about is packing adequately. Keep in mind that the season in your home town may not be the same as the one at your target destination (especially if you are visiting a different hemisphere). This makes things a bit more difficult, but with some research it should not be a big problem.

7.      Get a Passport

In order to make an international trip you will need a passport. The process of getting one isn’t complicated, but in case of making a family trip, you will have to go through the same process for your children as well. This is why it is recommended that you start getting all the necessary documentation in advance.

8.      Get the Necessary Permits

Some regions are not accessible to tourists unless they have a special permit. Examples of this are the Aboriginal territories in Australia, and some national parks. To visit them you need special permits, and seeing how there is usually a long waiting line,this too is best done in time.

9.      Plan the Voyage

Flying, driving, or being on the train for hours, can be extremely boring and exhausting, which is why you need to plan what to do during the voyage itself. On a plane, you can read, listen to an audiobook, or watch something on your laptop. However, if you are traveling with kids, you need to find a way to keep them entertained as well, which usually means coming up with some interesting road trip games.

10. Safety Comes First

Keep in mind that your safety always comes first, which is why you should read a bit about the neighborhood when you look for the accommodation. Avoid going to a holiday near a warzone or a location with a high crime rate. Finally, get inoculated against local illnesses and always bring along a first aid kit.


With any plan, there are so many things that can go wrong. Nevertheless, by starting to plan your trip in time, you have a great chance of averting most vacation-related hazards. Finally, having everything figured out doesn’t mean your trip won’t have any spontaneous moments. It only means you will be able to focus on all the fun aspects of it rather than worry about mundane problems.