Top Tips to Plan a Multi-Destination Trip

There’s been a drive to promote travel within the continent of Europe going on for quite a while now and the popularity of the idea seems to be growing stronger and stronger, long after the visible drive has since died down. It’s a simple matter of residents of different countries within the continent realising just how much of the world they can cover by first exploring their most immediate surroundings. Continue reading

Benefits Of Camping

Camping is a wonderful outdoor activity which challenges a person’s survival skills without all the luxuries and comforts of their home. A lot of people go camping in different seasons and truly experience living in the wilderness. Those who are fond of spending time with nature without having any hurdle of comfort between them go camping every now and then. You can go camping in any season and anywhere you want to. An overall camping trip will involve some hiking, picnicking, playing some outdoor games and at the end of the day, setting your camp or tent at a suitable place and spending night there. Continue reading

4 Unique European Vacations to Take

Everyone always recommends traveling to Europe. There are many beautiful places to see, new smells to take in, and new things to learn. Travel is a chance to get out of your comfort zone, to learn new things, and to interact with people you might not have met otherwise. There are many places that everyone visits, from Paris to Athens. If you are looking for a different European adventure, here are four unique European vacations to take. Continue reading

A Simple Guide to Enjoying Backpacking across Europe

Europe is famous for the beautiful villages and the sprawling cities. Everyone should visit Europe once in their lifetime and be amongst the beautiful and mesmerizing beaches, lakes and mountains. Europe is exactly like the dream place that you have always wanted to visit. Whether you spend a beautiful day in Venice or a spring evening in Paris, you will love every bit of Europe. In order to visit Europe, there are certain decisions that you have to take wisely or you can end up spending a huge amount of money. Europe will not be costly if you are aware of certain guides and tips.   Continue reading

A Guide To The UK For King Arthur Lovers

We may as well face facts: a lot of people who visit the UK for the first time do so with history in mind. It’s one of the most fascinating places in the world from an historical perspective, having been a home to ancient tribes, Roman rulers, conquering armies, and one of the most intricate, consequential lines of monarchs imaginable. It’s hard to visit the UK and not want to take in some history, whether that means touring the ancient Roman bath houses in the town of Bath, admiring burial sites in Westminster Abbey, or visiting castles. Among all of the real history of the UK, however, there’s also a legend that lingers in the minds of many visitors: that of King Arthur and his knights. Continue reading

Travelling With A Medical Condition? Here Is Some Useful Advice To Help You Prepare

Travel is for everyone, but some can find it more difficult than others. Things like lack of money, being from a country where visas are difficult to come by, having a flying phobia, or having a medical condition all make travel slightly more difficult. But this does not mean that it becomes impossible. This article will deal with those who want to travel but have a medical condition. With a little care and thought, you can explore the world to your heart’s content.

Advance research

With a medical condition, you ought to do some solid research before you embark on a trip to maximise your safety.

  • The priority is to ensure that you know where to go when you are away from home and fall ill suddenly. Research the hospitals in the place where you plan to stay and keep contact details of local doctors in hand in case of an emergency.
  • Your travel insurance must cover any problems arising due to your pre-existing condition. Research well and settle on a travel insurance for medical conditions plan that offers you the most comprehensive coverage.
  • Some countries have strict laws against carrying even a small amount of medicines, especially painkillers. Research well about the legality of your medicines in the destination country. If required, you can try asking for a substitute or obtain a licence from the doctor certifying that you are carrying them for medical purposes.
  • Prepare a brief but detailed report of your condition and the medications you are using in case you are stopped at any point by authorities.
  • Make sure you know the time zones of your holiday destination and adjust your medication timings accordingly.

People to contact

  • The first thing to do is to consult your doctor and get a medical clearance for your trip. Discuss everything you have planned, and note down all the safety precautions given by your doctor. Once you are well-equipped with information, you can get down to the business of preparing for the trip.
  • Secondly, if you are visiting another country, then find out if you require special vaccinations due to your pre-existing condition. Contact the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or the Consulate of the country you plan to visit to obtain this information.
  • And finally, let your closest kin know where you would be so that they can be on call for you. Keep them on speed dial on your mobile and keep them updated regularly.

Items to carry

One thing to remember is that you need to keep certain things with you at all times. These include:Your doctor’s complete details, so that anyone could get in touch with them in case of an emergency.

  • All your medicines, especially the ones you require in case of a sudden worsening of your condition.
  • Your basic medical information, including health and travel insurance details, information regarding medicines and dosages, as well as allergies, and a summary of your illnesses.
  • Wear or keep a medical alert bracelet on you always, especially when it is recommended by the doctor.
  • Any special licences or certificates you might require carrying your medicines. Keep this on you always, especially during the voyage.

Even with pre-existing conditions, you can have a enjoyable trip with the least amount of stress, just by planning ahead.

holiday cottages in Wales

A Guide to Conwy Castle, North Wales

A visit to Conwy would just not be complete without checking out what is perhaps the medieval town’s main sightseeing attraction, that being Conwy Castle, but in order for you to make the most out of your visit and enjoy the best possible experience of Conwy Castle, there is some information which could come in handy.

Getting into Conwy

The best form of accommodation you can select for your stay in Conwy would perhaps be a holiday cottage, quite simply because it’ll probably have you staying in a residential building with all the charm and character of the Conwy architecture, while at the same time offering you inclusive views of Conwy Castle, something which likely comes with quick and easy access to the Castle where you could probably walk. All of that is available to you once you’ve gotten into the town, which is straight-forward enough, given the fact that two major airports are each just over an hour’s drive in Liverpool and Manchester.

You can also get into Conwy by train, which you can catch with no problems at all from the UK’s major cities. Entering by road or train is an experience in itself as there are many sights to see, a lot of which form part of a rather popular North Wales road trip itinerary which typically starts out in Snowdonia and then works its way through Portmeirion and the Llyn Peninsula, finally terminating at Conwy.

Visiting the Castle

Operating times vary according to the seasons and the full operating times roster is always available from the Conwy Castle administration, but as at this very moment in time, any visitors to the Castle would have their visits falling within the schedule set out for the period running from 1 September to 31 October. The Castle is open from 9:30 am to 5 pm, with the last admissions accepted 30 minutes prior to the closing time.

The costs to get in include an admission fee of £8.95 for adults, while children (under 16), students and senior citizens pay £5.80 to enter. Disabled people along with their companions get free admission, so too children under five years of age and there is a family package which amounts to £26.60 allowing admission for two adults and up to three children under the age of 16 years.

No dogs allowed, unfortunately, except for assistance dogs. Conwy Castle is a no-smoking zone and there is a toilet available on-site for visitors with limited mobility and disability.

If you’re going to be staying long, there is safe car parking outside the Town Walls, otherwise, short-stay visitors can pay for parking just outside the visitor centre.

Restrooms are situated on the visitor centre’s lower level, fully equipped with baby change facilities while the mobile signal is fair.

Enjoy the breathtaking views from the battlements, offering a good sighting of the mountains and the sea, as well as the castle’s 125ft Great Hall shell (with no roof), accounting for the most popular vantage point from which visitors enjoy views of the castle itself and its beautiful surroundings.

Where to Stay

North Wales is home to lots of great holiday accommodation, from hotels to campsites to holiday cottages.

iKnow UK has a great guide on where to stay and what to see, go and check them out!

How I Traveled Throughout Europe while Maintaining my Website

My Diet Website Stayed In Shape While I Traveled Through Europe

I’ve always been a health-conscious person. I try to eat right and watch my weight. A few years ago, I decided to share my knowledge with the world and start my own website. The site would be about healthy topics such as diet, food and exercise. I decided to use the WordPress platform as it seemed to be very intuitive. I’ve been using it for a couple years now and really enjoy all that it offers. However, I was unsure how I was going to keep up with my website when I decided to spend three months traveling through a few countries in Europe. Fortunately, I came across a great website management company that specialized in website maintenance and WordPress management for website owners just like me. Here’s my story on how they helped me during my travels.

What About Content?

I perform most of my own content writing since it is very important to me. I understand that content marketing is a large part of Google’s algorithm. I always try to include plenty of images and text so that my readers can enjoy the articles that I write. I was unsure how I was going to handle content updates as I traveled through Europe. Then I found a website management company that would help with the creation and management of my content. They worked with me during my travels to fill in the blanks while I was off sightseeing. They helped plan topics and content strategy that would help keep my website up to date. It really helped having them create, edit and optimize content for my website.

Updating The WordPress Platform

Another challenge that I faced when I decided to travel through Europe involved keeping my WordPress website up to date. I usually handle this at home as I have everything on my desktop computer and can easily login at any time to perform updates when they are required by WordPress. I knew that I would be hiking in remote parts of Italy and would not be able to perform these updates when they would be required. By using a WordPress management company, all the updates were flawlessly put into place when I was out exploring the world.

Monitoring For Problems

One of the things that really freak me out is the possibility of having my website hacked. It happened once before, and it took me a long time to discover where the problem was and find a remedy. Fortunately, I sought out a WordPress maintenance and security team, Team WP Sekure, helped me solve the problem and got my website back up and running. I knew that my friend would not be able to help me this time if my site was attacked. The best option would be to use a website management company that could handle any problems if they occurred. Wouldn’t you know it — my website was hacked due to vulnerability in an old theme that was still placed in my main directory. This problem was solved by the company that I hired and was quickly remedied so my readers could keep abreast of content updates.

I’m really glad that I decided to use a website maintenance company to help me out with my website while I visited Italy, France and Germany. Their WordPress management skills were top-notch and saved the day.

hotel in York, iknow-UK

Budget York Holidays

The first priority of budget travellers out on a budget trip is to know the amount of money he has at hand. Knowing the amount of budget in one’s hand not only helps in cutting down expenses but also helps in planning the trip in the best way possible. The number of people down to York for tourist purposes has been on a steady rise.

For people coming to England and looking to travel to York, especially on a budget trip there are plenty of do’s and don’t’s. Here are some of them, which might be necessary Do’s or Don’ts for you:

  1. Try not to book in a York hotel if you have a low budget. A hostel would suffice for your purpose. They are way cheaper than a hotel and coupled with breakfast there, can significantly bring down your expenses.
  2. Having your lunch and dinner at pubs can work for your benefit. They are cheaper than restaurants and can cut down on your expense bill. Though there are always deals for tourists in the restaurants, but finding them is the challenge. Triptromp has solved this challenge for tourists.
  3. Do not take a travel guide unnecessarily. Most of the tourist attractions in England have self-guided tours and you would not need another guide to accompany you. Moreover, tourist guides are expensive and should only be hired when you really want to know something, like a historical site.
  4. Do great research on the fare tickets to book one with the cheapest airfare. Try to book with the airline website themselves, as the fee for cancellation would then be minimal. Third-party websites do not always offer this flexibility, but Triptromp does.!

Road trips

For those having a desire to embark on a road trip while in England, it would be worthy to note that according to rules, if you wanted to rent or drive a car in England, you would need a state issued driver’s license. Greece people and Italians though, can drive all the way from their country to England. Also, to keep a note is the fact that unlike American cities, cities in England do not have the grid-like appearance and it may be pretty difficult to navigate through the streets without a proper detailed road map.

Find out more about how to make the most of your York holiday here:

The Highway Code is also an essential read as well as other laws related to driving. Do at least have a cursory glance through them as you might find it uncommon that the British drive on the left side of the road and that it necessitates passing on the right (these would be especially uncomfortable to US people in England, as they are accustomed to driving on the left side of the car on the left side of the road). It would be a good idea to have your own medical insurance too, especially as you would be roaming around a lot.

Also, if your stay in England is more than a month, you might just consider yourself buying a car! Crazy as it might sound, it actually saves costs! A car comes from as little as a £1000 whereas if you rent a car for a month, you might even have to shell out around £2500.