How to make Money while Travelling in Europe

Travelling in Europe and working at the same time can be very rewarding. Not only can you make extra money, but also enjoy your travelling experience than most people do. With Wi-Fi and the right tools of trade, working with a laptop can be convenient. Below are some of the areas you can venture into.

Online Freelancing

With technological advancement today, it is now possible for companies to hire freelancers from all parts of the world. For instance, if there is a company looking for a travel article about Europe, the chances are that they will hire a writer who has some experience with the location. It means that you have a lot of opportunities to exercise your skills and earn extra money. You may have skills ideal for online work such as copywriting, web design, or even social media consulting, and these can be great money-makers for you. The hours of engagement will depend on your niche, skills, and the amount of work available. Moreover, when you are not traveling, you can still continue working from home as a freelancer. You may need a small home office setup with basic requirements like an office desk, ergonomic chair, storage cabinets, computer system, printer, etc. Such items can be obtained online from suppliers like office monster for a simple personal office arrangement.


This is more of a long-term solution since blogs tend not to create incomes immediately. Some blogs go for up to a year without earning anything. However, if you believe you have great work ethics and are passionate about a certain subject you would like to explore, a blog is the perfect platform for you. When staging a blog for sustainable income, you must have dedication. You must have the ability to manage it, stick to deadlines, follow a schedule, be very creative and write passionately. The much you earn is dependent on how you monetise the platform, the amount of work put in and your type of blog.

Invest in the main Asset Classes

Online trading is so far the leading platform for earning while travelling in Europe because you only need internet access and a laptop. Asset classes are a group of investments that have the same characteristics. You can only succeed by building a portfolio that demonstrates a good balance of the main asset classes, including bonds, equities and cash. Striking a good balance allows you to manage your risk and secure great returns.

Invest in CFD

Equities are great investment platforms because they tend to offer income opportunities and expose the investor to many sectors that offer growth and diversity. Owning equity in a company that has growth potential means you benefit from capital gains after the assets grow in value. Equities include mutual funds, CFDs and stocks. When you purchase a stock, for instance, you own a part of a company and get the chance to grow your returns as the business improves. Because stocks are extremely volatile, they are the riskiest in this category, and it is common for them to lose 50 percent of their value. This is the single-most important reason to research carefully on the best stocks to invest in, not forgetting to pay close attention to what CMC Markets has to say about such vehicles.

Invest in Bonds

Unlike stocks, bonds are less risky. They more of represent debts, meaning that when you purchase a bond, you lend money to a bond issuer and get a certificate for it. The cheapest way to purchase them is through ETF bonds as they are available at low rates. In fact, investing in bonds creates a balanced portfolio, calms volatility and strengthens diversification.

Day Trading

When it comes to day trading, there are many techniques that can be applied. You can find the best fit for you by researching on the different avenues available, including regular stocks, options, futures, forex and penny stocks. You can choose to be a swing trader where you are free to hold a position for long periods. It is very important for you to identify an avenue that is comfortable for and then look for the right strategy to approach your trading. What is important is to choose an approach that suits your preferences and lifestyle. You also need to have the understanding of charting and technical trading. Since day trading does not require full-time attention, it is always a viable option for travellers.

These are the most common and promising ways to earn while you travel to Europe. However, there are many more options available for you; it only requires a little research. Doing it right gives you the chance to make good money within a short period.