Glastonbury to change its name when it goes on the road

Glastonbury will be Glastonbury only so long as it stays at Worthy Farm in Somerset — when it moves to a temporary site in 2019, it will become The Variety Bazaar. Michael Eavis, who founded the festival in 1970, revealed the name change on Glastonbury FM radio yesterday.

“The Variety Bazaar,” he said. “It’s a good name, don’t you think? The Glastonbury Festival Team presents . . . the Variety Bazaar.” Emily, his daughter, was quick to clarify that regardless of the new event, “Glastonbury festival will always be called Glastonbury and will remain at Worthy Farm.”

Mr Eavis said that the name change could be a “huge risk”. “I’ve been a risk taker all my life,” he said. “I mean 47 years of taking risks really and so far touch wood, I haven’t come unstuck so far. This might be one risk too far, I don’t know.”

Mr Eavis said in December that he had found a site in the Midlands for the relocation. “I am arranging for one year off, say every fifth year or so, to try and move the show to a site that’s more suitable.” The festival is due a fallow year in 2018, so this year’s event, featuring Radiohead and, possibly, Ed Sheeran and Foo Fighters, could be the last Glastonbury until 2020.