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Anyone connected to the travel industry has taken note of the emerging power of travel bloggers. These relatively new voices are now considered to be authorities and experts that tourists consult and rely upon for honest advice. No truer word could be spoken than to say that for the most, travel bloggers give an honest, if somewhat personally colored view of anything from sights, hotel and restaurants and voice their opinions on all things travel. As more and more people organize and book holidays online, a new trend seems to have taken root, where intending travelers check out their destinations on travel blogs, read numerous reviews and make bookings based on the advice gathered on travel blogs. This phenomenon has suddenly turned humble travel bloggers into opinion makers and travel authorities, a position, most of us thoroughly enjoy. In my case, on writing fact and experienced based travel posts, I received a plethora of comments, saw exponential subscription number growth and before the power of my words had dawned on me, I already had a sizeable number of ads decorating my site.

It took a while for me to understand the process and grasps the concept that bloggers, advertisers and intending travelers can all benefit from gathering on travel blogs. Ultimately, it is the travel blogger’s responsibility to provide accurate and useful information that will be beneficial to site visitors. Advertisers can greatly enhance the content of the blog by providing easy, quick and direct access to products and services researched by intending travelers. After initially publishing ads somewhat aimlessly on my site, I have since learned how best to select and place ads to achieve the best results for advertisers, readers and my own site.

Perhaps no other industry has seen such value in website and blog advertising and I am proud to say that the feedback from my advertisers has been thoroughly positive. The investment-gain ratio appears to be extremely healthy, quantifiable revenue increases have been reported throughout and advertisers keep coming back for more!

If you have a product or service connected to travel, you may like to consider the following benefits of advertising on my site:

Intending Travelers Do Read Travel Posts: The overwhelming majority of my 17’000 new monthly website visitors intend to travel within a six to twelve month period. They are not reading my blog just for the heck of it, but rather to find solid travel information and advice. During their destination research process, they will also require a plethora of products and services for their intended trip and again, rely on my advice. Our online data research has indicated that advertisers on specific pages have seen demand for their products and services increase sharply.

  • The Authority Factor: Intending travelers and in particular regular readers rely and trust in the advice of travel bloggers. I have received numerous comments and thank you notes from people who followed my advice and ended up just having a great vacation. In that sense, I am an authority and my advertisers have gladly appreciated the weight attached to my words.
  • Target Group Ready to Go: Advertising on my blog and website has given businesses easy access to my 17’000 keen readers and turned thousands of them into customers. No other type of advertising facilitates the targeting of a particular group of people to the same extent.
  • Intelligent Design and Placement: There is nothing random about the way I select the design and placement of each ad. A lot of intelligent analysis and savvy methods are applied throughout the entire process, from conception of an idea for an ad right through to its optimum timing and placement. Content and advertisements are always matched. The focus will always be to guarantee that advertisers reach their intended goals.

How to Proceed

If you are interested in advertising on my website and reap a rake of rewards, please contact me below. Please include as much relevant information as you possibly can and attach a readily designed ad if you wish. On receipt of your information, I will provide you with a quotation and discuss the entire process with you. Your wishes and particularly you goals and objectives will form the basis of the campaign and we always put our core focus on achieving increased revenue for all our advertisers.