5 Reasons to Visit Manchester Right Now

Manchester is one of the UK’s most important cities from an economic perspective. And the city is home to plenty of famous faces, while many others have studied there. But if you’re planning a trip to Europe, the local economy and its famous alumni might not be top of your list when deciding which cities to stop off at. So just what is it about Manchester that means this city should be well up there on your list of must see spots?

  1. Sports Teams

Love sport? Then Manchester has you covered. As well as two of the biggest football teams in the country (Manchester United and Manchester City), the city has a rugby union team (Sale Sharks), there are several nearby rugby league teams and plenty of options for other sports too.

So soak up the sporting atmosphere while on your visit.

2. The Music

Famous Manchester bands include Oasis, the Smithes, Stone Roses, the Chemical Brothers and Inspiral Carpets. And that’s just a handful. There are plenty of clubs around the city that celebrate Manchester’s iconic music heritage so you can enjoy it too.

3. The Architecture

Manchester is a great city for sightseers. Walking around the city itself, you see a phenomenal mixture of old and new architecture. The red bricks of the Northern Quarter, the big glass fronted buildings of recent years and the victorian mills make Manchester a mixing pot in architectural terms. It’s great to walk around the city and enjoy the buildings.

Check out some of the buildings in this Flickr album.

4. Culture

Museums and art galleries are in huge supply in Manchester. The Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester Art Gallery, and the Imperial War Museum North are amongst over a dozen museums you can enjoy. The free entry option available to tourists is really enticing. What’s more? There are plenty of other sightseeing spots in Manchester, like Castlefield Viaduct, The Quays, the Gay Village, and Victoria Baths. All of these can offer you insights into the culture and traditions of Manchester. With a plethora of transportation options available, getting around from one place to another becomes incredibly convenient. From taxis to coach hire manchester, you have abundant choices that can cater to the size of your travel group and personal preferences.

5. The Nightlife

Manchester’s nightlife is massively varied. From the hip bars of the Northern Quarter to the trendy cocktails of Spinningfields and the indie clubs that have been part of the city’s fabric for years – there is a bar, club, restaurant or theatre to meet all tastes.

And guess what? A night out in Manchester will typically set you back just a fraction of cost of a night out in London.

So go on. Get Manchester on your list and pay us a visit. Friendly people, great nightlife and plenty of culture await you. Unfortunately, great weather is not guaranteed (or likely!) though! Bring your umbrella!