10 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe When You’re Going on Vacation

We like to think that our homes are our safe haven and no one would dare enter without your permission. However, did you know that there were over 1.1 million burglaries in 2019, amounting to $25.3 billion in property loss? When our homes are invaded, we feel violated and that we’re no longer safe in our home. It’s not a good feeling.

If you’re a new homeowner, you might think that keeping your home safe while you’re on vacation is as simple as locking the doors and windows. Sure, that’s the bare minimum you should do, but we have 10 tips from real estate agents that can help keep your home safe while you’re away.

1. Lock up tight

We mentioned that you should lock your windows and doors, but it’s equally important to pay attention to secondary entrances like your basement and garage doors. Over time, these doors can lose their strength and security. If you notice any signs of wear or feel they are no longer reliable, it’s advisable to replace them with new doors crafted from durable and sturdy materials. By opting for doors designed to offer robust security, you can significantly enhance the overall safety of your home. And, if you are planning to undertake this project, you can consider reaching out to companies specializing in basement and Garage Doors in Kent, Bulldog Garage Doors or similar reputable providers. They can offer expertise and a range of options to help you choose doors that can not only meet your security needs but can also complement your home’s aesthetic.

Also, make sure that any windows on the second floor are locked as well. When a “good” house is their target, burglars can perform quite the acrobatics. Do not forget to install security systems, such as cameras, or hire a security guard, in addition to these measures to protect your home. Not to mention, taking these steps can help your home retain more of its value should you ever decide to sell it to investors like Crawford Home Buyers. Overall, investing in such measures won’t be a waste.

2. Put mail on hold

When you’re going on a vacation that’s longer than a few days, we recommend that you go to your local post office and put your mail on hold. By doing this, potential burglars won’t be able to tell how long you’re away because there won’t be lots of mail in the mailbox. You’ll also want to do this with your paper delivery service.

If you’re only going to be gone for a couple of days, you don’t have to have your mail stopped – you can just ask a trusted friend or neighbor to collect it for you.

3. Security alarms are essential

A security system that connects to your smartphone is a great way to protect your home and raise the value of your property (use a net proceeds calculator to see what you could earn when you sell your house). When you’re away, you can check in and look at the surveillance cameras you’ve placed around your home. Should there be any intrusions, you’ll get a notification and you could call the authorities (if the system doesn’t do that for you).

For your security systems to work continuously, you may have to install a reliable internet connection in your home. In case of an internet failure, your cameras and alarms may not be able to send continuous live feeds onto your smartphones. In case you want to replace your old connection, you may want to call internet providers dallas (if you live in Texas) to choose the best plan from different ISPs’ catalogs.

4. Hire someone to do yard work

It doesn’t matter the time of year, yard work is a year-long thing. To keep up the appearance that someone is home, ask someone to care for your yard while you’re away. This means they’ll have to cut the lawn when it needs it, shovel the driveway and walkways, and (depending on how long you’re away) rake leaves.

5. Timers will be your best friend

It doesn’t matter what you connect to a timer, they will be your new best friend. By having things like various lights in the house, the television or even the radio will give the illusion that someone is home and would-be burglars would be deterred from breaking in.

6. Keep a car in the driveway

If possible, keep a car in the driveway to add to the illusion that someone is home.

7. Remove spare keys

It’s fine to have a hide-a-key near the back door, but when you’re away, you’ll want to remove that key until you get home. Burglars know the tricks and have a good idea of the most common places to find those spare keys.

8. Keep mum on social media

We like to share everything on social media, but when it comes to going away on vacation… You don’t want to discuss it online. You never know who’s scoping out social media sites to look for their next target?

9. Store expensive items in a safe

There are some things that you won’t be able to put in a safe (televisions and other large electronics, expensive clothing, jewelry, and so on) that’s tucked away in a closet. If you don’t have a safe, you could close the blinds so no one can peek through the windows.

10. Hire a security guard

When planning a vacation, consider hiring a professional security guard to keep your home safe while you’re away. A trained security guard provides a physical presence that deters potential intruders and ensures your property remains secure. They can perform regular patrols, monitor surveillance systems, and respond promptly to any suspicious activity.

This proactive measure not only protects your belongings but also gives you peace of mind knowing that someone is actively looking out for your home. Additionally, security guards can coordinate with local law enforcement if needed, ensuring a swift and effective response to any security concerns. Put simply, by investing in professional security services, you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about the safety of your property.

Bonus Tip: Have a house sitter

One of the best ways you can keep your home safe is to have a house sitter to stay at your home for the duration of your vacation. You could also ask someone from the neighborhood watch to spend an hour or two at your place if you don’t have someone to stay there all of the time.

We all love a good vacation but we don’t like the idea that someone could break into our homes while we’re away. These ten tips can help ease your mind because you’ll know that you’ve taken precautions to keep your home safe from intruders.