Travel to Tuscany: Where Dreams and History Come Together

Travel to Tuscany, Italy is an ideal escape for anyone wanting to experience the beauty and history of one of the most beautiful regions in the world. Tuscany is a historically and culturally rich region in northern Italy. It is home to some of the most famous world-famous Renaissance art and architecture, which include Michelangelo’s” David” statue, Botticellis’ “Sistine Chapel” and the Duomo of Florence. Its natural landscape features the rugged Apennine Mountains and its beaches on the Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful Iseo and Tuscan landscapes. With all these wonderful attractions, traveling to Tuscany, Italy can be a thrilling travel experience.

There are many ways to travel to Tuscany, Italy. You can visit Tuscany by taking part in a guided trip to the region. With an organized tour, you will go from town to town, learning about each place, its culture and its own unique story. Organized tours usually take several days and may include overnight stays in hotels or guesthouses. If you prefer to travel on your own, a day trip to the region will provide you with a great opportunity to see the area, its beautiful countryside and vineyards and perhaps even enjoy some cooking and wine tasting in the local restaurants.

In either case, your tour to Tuscany will begin in Florence and end in Rome. Florence is one of the most famous cities in the entire world, and is well worth the effort of traveling for. Start by visiting the Trevi Fountain and the Catacombs of Florence. Next stop would be Siena and Murano, which are two of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany. Traveling on your own would take several days, so make sure to plan your entire trip well ahead of time.

One of the best ways to travel to Tuscany for a day is by taking a day trip to the Tuscany region’s historic towns and villages. Florence and Siena are two popular towns in Tuscany and are well worth a visit. Florence and Siena are home to the famous Roman poet Seneca, and Murano is the home of Renaissance artist Michelangelo. Both of these towns contain historic buildings and authentic paintings that can take you back to a time.

For a day trip that takes you right into Tuscany’s urban life, you should definitely visit the capital of the country, Florence. While you’re in Florence, take time to tour the Italian town of Siena. Siena sits right in between Florence and Siena, and offers some interesting historical buildings as well as fine cuisine. After visiting Siena, make it a return trip to Florence and take time to visit Murano, one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Tuscany.

If you travel to Tuscany on a summertime trip, there are plenty of things for you to do and see. The best time to travel to Tuscany on vacation is from May through October. During this time, there are lots of museums, art galleries, and other attractions to keep you occupied. Since Tuscany vacation packages usually include airfare, hotel accommodations, and meals, you won’t have any trouble at all covering all of the bases. With a good travel guide to help you plan your trip, you’re sure to have a great trip.

Holiday in Crete

A Crete holiday is one of those perfect times to escape from the stressful daily grind! The sheer beauty of Crete is hard to match anywhere in Europe. With its serene beaches, lush greenery, snow capped mountains and thick vegetation, there is little to disturb the serenity of this idyllic island paradise. There are some fabulous sandy beaches in Crete that appeal to all types of tourists. Whether you are a nature lover looking for a tranquil retreat or an adventure-loving traveler looking for something unique, there are lots of options available.

There are numerous hotels in Crete that cater to different strata of society, catering to every conceivable need of their clientele and allowing for a range of different types of holiday experiences. Most of Crete’s accommodations are situated in the main tourist areas such as Iseo, Beaches, and the Golden Coast. Luxurious old-fashioned tavern, charming bed and breakfast establishments and some very nice and cozy hotels are located in key places on the island. Some of these include:

Alpes Village – One of the most charming sights on an Alpes holiday in Crete is Alpes village which is located on the northern part of the island. This picturesque little neighborhood is known for its charming wooden houses constructed from adobe bricks with whitewashed walls. The most famous attraction here is the St. Nicholas Church, which is a famous tourist spot known for the wonderful red light district that it attracts during the Christmas season. Other important sites include the Catacombs of Komora, the National Archaeological Museum, the Santorini Archaeological Park and a small theatre.

Iseo – One of the most popular destinations on the Alpes holidays in Crete is Iseo which is a small village on the northern tip of the island where tourists can enjoy the beautiful beach and natural environment. The main attractions of this village are the Dora (Druk) Beach, the blue lagoon, some beautiful barbecues, and the white sandy beach. The main beach of Iseo is usually overcrowded during high season. For a more peaceful and natural experience, you can stay at one of the many minoan crepes stalls along the beach.

Beaches and Sand Beach – This is another very popular destination amongst Alpes holidays in Crete. The Beaches of Beaches is known for its wide variety of activities including swimming, snorkeling, boating, surfing, sailing, water skiing and even kite boarding. The white sand beach is perfect for spending an Alpes Holiday in Crete. Some other less frequented beaches of Beaches are the Blue Lagoon, which is a less frequented beach than the above mentioned village, and Feklia which is a village that is situated at the very end of the Beaches.

Weather – As always, the weather of a Crete holiday is important and is the first thing you should consider while planning your trip to this part of Spain. For the best time of year to visit Crete it is generally from May until September when the temperature remains relatively warm and safe, however, as soon as April and May come together the island gets extremely hot, which can be quite unbearable for those looking to escape the warm temperature. The summer months of June and July are also quite hot and humid, but not to the same extent as those months of winter. The best time of year to be in Crete is really anytime from May until September, as the climate remains pleasant, most of the time.

Living in Bali For A Year

Are you thinking of going to Bali for a year? What are the benefits? Who would want to live in Bali for a year? Well, if you think it’s expensive, I’ll tell you what you missed. There are no high costs. In fact, living in Bali can be very cheap provided you plan properly.

Living in Bali as a tourist is like living in any other part of Asia. What you need to know is that there are many low-priced hotels and cheap villas in Bali where you could stay for months. The key is to search well because there are many people who want to take advantage of your ignorance. That’s why I recommend going to a travel agency that specializes in this kind of promotion. The other option is to get a private guide that will show you how to look for the cheapest places.

You should also consider how long you intend to stay in Bali. Most people plan a longer stay but going on a longer vacation is not always necessary. If you are just visiting for 3 days, then you will need to factor in airfare. Otherwise, you can plan on spending a few weeks in Bali and see parts of the island you have never seen before.

The second thing you need to keep in mind is that most Bali villas come with private pools so you won’t have to share with anyone else. This is a plus for you, since there is nothing worse than sharing a pool with strangers. Besides that, living in Bali is about living life to its fullest. You won’t find much noise outside so you could do as you please. The prices are quite reasonable, so you will have some money left over from the food and shopping.

The final thing to consider is that you will never feel like you are away from home. Bali is a small island, so you will never feel crowded or like you have forgotten where you belong. You will be surrounded by friends and family who love you no matter where you go. You will also have the opportunity to visit different places throughout the year. That will give you time to soak up the local culture.

If you don’t mind the smaller things then planning a yearlong vacation in Bali is something that is well worth doing. You will find many great activities and you will be able to spend your free time in the way that pleases you. Bali is a great place for a break and you will certainly enjoy your stay.

Spa Vacation In Turkey

If you are planning a spa vacation to Turkey, you cannot miss the Istanbul for a spa retreat. Turkey is one of the finest destination for rest and relaxation holidays and if you are traveling with your family, this beautiful country can offer a lot of recreational activities for everyone. In fact, the climate is ideal for spa vacations; you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities during your stay in Turkey. In the spa vacation, you can visit various spa resorts and experience the most unique treatments. As you are on a vacation, you don’t have to worry about accommodation, food and transportation. You can also have a lot of fun as you spend your time with your friends or loved ones.

The best part about spa vacations in Turkey is that you can have all sorts of relaxing and rejuvenating activities including, body massage, aromatherapy, yoga, swimming, sauna sessions, massage therapies, Jacuzzi cruises, body scrubs, body painting, and much more. At the spas in Istanbul, you will be provided with the best services, so you can have the most relaxing holiday experience ever. Some of the best spas in Istanbul offer traditional therapies like Ayurvedic treatment, Reiki treatment, and many more. If you want to relax after your long day of work, you can have your dinner at a fast food restaurant and then head over to your favorite Turkish relaxing resort. If you want to learn more about different types of treatments available, you can research online to find out more about spas in Istanbul.

These retreats can be a great choice for couples, children, families and other guests. If you plan your vacation based on the different themes offered by spa resorts in Istanbul, you will find that it is the best option for rejuvenating your mind, body and soul. Some of the activities that you can enjoy while you are on vacation at spas in Istanbul include but are not limited to, intensive courses including aromatherapy, body scrubs, yoga, swimming and many more.

In addition to having fun activities during your stay in a spa resort in Istanbul, you will also be able to experience the best Turkish hospitality. The friendly Turkish people will make you feel at home. If you want to get out of the pool and into the real world, you can rent a bike or rent a car. As long as you are ready to explore the city, you will be able to find everything that you need on your way to your spa retreat in Istanbul.

Spa vacations in Turkey are great for all ages, and you will not have to worry about feeling bored while you are on vacation. You will not feel like you are stuck in a hotel or in a boring activity. Your days and nights will be filled with activities, which you would normally never even think of doing during your normal vacation. Traveling to such exotic locations as Istanbul for spa retreat will give you a chance to completely unwind and recharge your batteries. It is important to remember that your physical health is very important, so make sure that you include some healthy eating into your Turkey trip. Even if you eat out every day, make sure that you are still following a diet that will help you maintain your new body while you are on your break.

If you have never taken part in a spa vacation in Turkey before, then this is the perfect time for you to do so. A traditional Turkish bath is just as relaxing and rejuvenating as any other type of spa treatment that you could partake in. You can even take advantage of some of the more luxurious services that are offered during spa breaks. Just imagine being able to relax in the garden while overlooking the beautiful landscape and breathing in the fresh air. There are so many fun activities that you can participate in, whether you are a man or a woman, and whether you are staying at a luxury villa in central Istanbul or a small cabin on the beach near Antalya, you will enjoy the perfect spa retreat while taking time to explore the beauty of Turkey.

10 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe When You’re Going on Vacation

We like to think that our homes are our safe haven and no one would dare enter without your permission. However, did you know that there were over 1.1 million burglaries in 2019, amounting to $25.3 billion in property loss? When our homes are invaded, we feel violated and that we’re no longer safe in our home. It’s not a good feeling. 

If you’re a new homeowner, you might think that keeping your home safe while you’re on vacation is as simple as locking the doors and windows. Sure, that’s the bare minimum you should do, but we have 10 tips from real estate agents that can help keep your home safe while you’re away.

1. Lock up tight

We mentioned that you should lock your windows and doors, but you’ll also want to check any secondary entrances (the basement door, the door in the garage, and even the garage door). Also make sure that any windows on the second floor are locked as well. Burglars can be quite the acrobats when they target a “good” house. 

2. Put mail on hold

When you’re going on a vacation that’s longer than a few days, we recommend that you go to your local post office and put your mail on hold. By doing this, potential burglars won’t be able to tell how long you’re away because there won’t be lots of mail in the mailbox. You’ll also want to do this with your paper delivery service. 

If you’re only going to be gone for a couple of days, you don’t have to have your mail stopped – you can just ask a trusted friend or neighbor to collect it for you.

3. Security alarms are essential

A security system that connects to your smartphone is a great way to protect your home and raise the value of your property (use a net proceeds calculator to see what you could earn when you sell your house). When you’re away, you can check in and look at the surveillance cameras you’ve placed around your home. Should there be any intrusions, you’ll get a notification and you could call the authorities (if the system doesn’t do that for you).

4. Hire someone to do yard work

It doesn’t matter the time of year, yard work is a year-long thing. To keep up the appearance that someone is home, ask someone to care for your yard while you’re away. This means they’ll have to cut the lawn when it needs it, shovel the driveway and walkways, and (depending on how long you’re away) rake leaves. 

5. Timers will be your best friend

It doesn’t matter what you connect to a timer, they will be your new best friend. By having things like various lights in the house, the television or even the radio will give the illusion that someone is home and would-be burglars would be deterred from breaking in. 

6. Keep a car in the driveway

If possible, keep a car in the driveway to add to the illusion that someone is home.

7. Remove spare keys

It’s fine to have a hide-a-key near the back door, but when you’re away, you’ll want to remove that key until you get home. Burglars know the tricks and have a good idea of the most common places to find those spare keys.

8. Keep mum on social media

We like to share everything on social media, but when it comes to going away on vacation… You don’t want to discuss it online. You never know who’s scoping out social media sites to look for their next target?

9. Store expensive items in a safe

There are some things that you won’t be able to put in a safe (televisions and other large electronics, expensive clothing, jewelry, and so on) that’s tucked away in a closet. If you don’t have a safe, you could close the blinds so no one can peek through the windows.

10. Have a house sitter

One of the best ways you can keep your home safe is to have a house sitter to stay at your home for the duration of your vacation. You could also ask someone from the neighborhood watch to spend an hour or two at your place if you don’t have someone to stay there all of the time.

We all love a good vacation but we don’t like the idea that someone could break into our homes while we’re away. These ten tips can help ease your mind because you’ll know that you’ve taken precautions to keep your home safe from intruders.

Explore Paris in Style

Is traveling around the globe your thing? Well, we all love traveling and having vacations with friends, family, or even a solo treat. Going around the world and finding the best destination becomes challenging and tedious. Read on to get fantastic tips on visiting Paris that will spice your travel.

Travel time

Traveling does not need special dates of the year. As long as you are ready, you are good to go. To have the best and wonderful time in Paris, summer makes the best time of the year. The weather is warm and friendly during the summer since you only need a scarf and a jacket to keep you comfortable and happy.

During the summer, you will likely have more fun due to the set events like the fire wax, summer fruits, and summer storms available. In the case of family bonding and vacations, it works perfectly since schools are closed.

Transport mode

We have multiple modes of transport starting from cars, buses, planes, and even ships. If you hate to spend all day traveling, then you need the fastest means to your destination, like the air. Air transport is one of the best since it’s time conscious, fast, and offers the best travel prices with great discounts.

Air France flights are ready to make your travel experience memorable. You can take a flight to Paris from NC City to Paris or a flight from Chicago to Paris. They have a six months schedule timetable that will help you plan on the best months to travel. Flight to Paris from NC are affordable, all-around, and flights from Chicago to Paris are all-around. Air France gives you enough time to plan for your travel and fix your budget accordingly.

Paris is a beautiful destination famously known as the city of lights due to the neighbouring districts with captivating natural and architectural works that makes it warm, lively, and outstanding. If you missed the moment to visit Paris, do it and have the adventure of a lifetime.

Common Ways to Get Around Europe

Ask anyone who’s been and they’ll tell you that Europe is unlike any other place on Earth. The birthplace of Western culture and civilization, the continent is a diverse collection of cultures that share common histories and exciting new challenges. Whether it’s the architecture, the culture, the mix of Old World charm and modernization, the food, or the ease of getting around, Europe provides travelers with an experience that they’re unlikely to get anywhere else in the world.

It’s no wonder that traveling through Europe is especially popular with tourists. Previously on the blog,

we discussed ‘Top Tips to Plan a Multi-Destination Trip’

If you’re the holder of a Schengen visa, you can visit 26 out of 44 European countries, which makes a multi-destination trip even easier. Today, we’ll talk about how to do just that. Here are a few of the most common ways to get around Europe.


While traveling by bus might take longer than other methods, it also happens to be one of the cheapest options to getting around in Europe. If you don’t mind spending a little more time on the road, then buses are a great way to see the local landscape.

According to Lonely Planet

they’re an especially popular option for travelers going through Portugal, Greece, and Turkey. Travelers should look into getting a Eurolines Pass, which allows visits to 49 cities across Europe.


Airplanes are a bit of a pricier option, but they’re the fastest if you’re planning on crossing large distances. Budget airlines like RyanAir and Easyjet operate in routes across all over Europe, so getting a good deal on a ticket isn’t too difficult. If you aren’t afraid of the price tag and want to plan your own route,

‘Wheels Up May be the New Amazon for Business Aviation’ by Aviation JobNet

claims that spontaneous personal and business air travel is possible through the innovative company. Wheels Up has over 80 charter aircraft operating throughout the continent, which will certainly make for a unique experience.


Popularized by movies like Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise (1995), trains are perhaps the most well-known method of getting around Europe. Train travel is faster than bus travel, and unlike planes has the added perk of no check-in procedures. Trains are also more flexible in terms of meals (you can bring your own), and there’s nothing more romantic than watching the European countryside flash by your train window. If you’re unsure how to start,

travel blog The Man in Seat 61 has put together a starter pack on taking trains through Europe

Travelers can also make use of the Eurail pass, which could be cheaper than buying individual tickets.


While not especially popular, car travel stands out from the other options because of the flexibility. Rather than following a strict schedule, you decide where to go, when to stop, and what to see. Renting a car in Europe might be pricey, but this method allows you to get up close and personal with the landscape, and also provides the most chances for wandering off the beaten path. If you don’t want to pay for a rental,

BlaBlaCar is a rideshare service that crosses several European cities.

While not as flexible as an individual rental, it is much cheaper, and might be a happy middle for travelers who are looking to save.

Top 5 beaches in Croatia that you must visit

Croatia is famous for sailing and beautiful weather. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations for yacht lovers. And where to rest when you are at the seaside? Only on the beach!

Plan your yacht charter Croatia today. Once you see it, you’ll always miss these beautiful beaches!

Sometimes even a sea dog must moor and discover the beauty of dry land. The crew will tell you which beaches you must visit during your cruise. Ready for sunbathing among the crystal clear water?

Červar-Porat, Istria

Červar-Porat is a resort with a beach about 1.5 kilometers away. Unlike a large part of Croatian beaches this one has a sandy surface so it is great for spending time with children. The beach is 500 meters from the resort center. Arriving there you can count not only on sea bathing but also on well-developed tourist infrastructure (restaurants, shops, bike paths).

Rabac, Istria

Another paradise for tourists! Rabac is a well-developed resort with atmospheric pubs, a beautiful promenade and summer houses. Residents who dealt exclusively with fishing until the nineteenth century, today fully devote themselves to tourism. Rabac offers several beaches – we recommend the rocky one which is surrounded by beautiful Croatian vegetation.

Copacabana, Dalmatia

Everyone who likes to have fun in the rhythm of club music has heard about this beach! Copacabana has bars that are full of dance and party life in the evening. However, during the day the beach is an attraction for both young singles and whole families. You can actively relax here, for example renting kayaks.

Banje, Dalmatia

Although Banje does not belong to the beaches whose infrastructure would be the best, it is a very popular beach located in the favorite city of tourists – Dubrovnik. It is located in the center of the city and it’s descent is rocky. On the beach you will find small food outlets, pedalos and beach equipment rentals. Everything you need to relax.

Paradise Beach, Rab

There is a reason for it’s name. Every year Paradise Beach receives a blue flag which is a symbol of clean water and high quality of services. It is sandy, has a gentle descent and a lot of attractions that will please everyone. You can eat well on the beach, rent umbrellas and sunbeds, play mini golf.

Understand the Features and Advantages of Using Pillow While Travel

Discomfort due to pillow can result in poor quality of sleep. Pressure points in the body and improper support of the pillow can lead to discomfort. An inflatable neck pillow provides excellent support to the cervical area and relieves neck pain, headaches, and joint strains and also decreases snoring by opening up obstructed airways.


An inflatable Sherpa neck travel pillow often comes with an air pump which helps to adjust firmness thereby providing support with a squeeze of the pump. It can also act as a cervical neck pillow which cradles the neck in its natural position while you sleep and provides therapy for both back sleeping as well as side sleeping. To fill the amount of air desired. It is ideal for back or side sleeping; the air pump has adjustability and can be used.

It is designed to provide proper support to the head and neck during both back sleeping and side sleeping. It supports the head at the proper height no matter whether you sleep in the back position or the side position. While you sleep on your back, it prevents the head from rolling sideways and fits the head in the proper position during back sleeping. It also provides support to the neck and upper back while you sleep on the back.

An inflatable Sherpa neck travel pillow supports the head and also provides support to the cervical region. Customizable support zones are available in most pillows which provide inflatable firmness and support. They can be customized to contour with a twist of the valve and are adjustable. The inflatable valve control provides cervical spine support that relieves tension in the muscles and neck which lead to pain. To provide a customized fit, the valves are easily adjustable.


Since an inflatable neck pillow can be deflated, it is a good traveling companion. A good pillow should blowup easily. A few of the inflatable pillows available in the market blowup in just a few puffs of the breath. Most are made from plastic and hence it is essential to look for one with a soft cover.

The amount of air inside an inflatable travel neck pillow should be adjustable and it is good to have one with an air release valve which can release pressure from within the pillow if required, thereby providing a good fit around the neck. One of the main advantages of an inflatable neck pillow is that it can be decompressed and stored in a smaller space even a handbag to be used during travel.

The inflatable neck pillow uses air cell technology which greatly reduces pressure points compared to other pillows. It also helps to maintain blood flow and proper alignment of the neck. They are lightweight and serve as a good travel pillow too. While you change the sleeping posture, the inflatable pillow technology adjusts automatically. It permits proper blood flow by diminishing the peak pressure and letting you enjoy a relaxed sleep.

The Internet is flooded with neck-support pillows in various shapes, sizes and materials. To promote better sleep, relieve neck pain and prevent episodes of stiff neck and frozen shoulder, many of these pillows claim.

Tense muscles, pain and discomfort are becoming increasingly common health complaints.

Often they result from pillows that are too high, too soft or too stiff for the individual user’s needs. For bad pillow design, working overtime to ensure proper alignment of the head and neck, the muscles of the neck and back often have to compensate.

No wonder so many people wake up feeling worse after a full night’s sleep!

Most episodes of neck pain, back pain, and shoulder cramps can be prevented by specially designed neck pillows. To support the lordosis (natural curvature) of the neck and to support the head and enable shoulder rotation, the best neck pillows are designed to align the cervical spine in a neutral position.

Volunteering in Europe – A Great Way to Spend a Little Longer

I’ve seen it time and again, people visit a place and are completely taken in and all they want is to stay a little longer. Getting a work permit seems like a bit of a headache, the application process might just take too long and they just can’t face the mountain of paperwork.Slowly but surely they run out of money and have to return home. But back at home their longing keeps on growing and they start seeking ways to return to the place that captured their heart. While some of them eventually give in to the realities of daily life at home, others start saving to venture off once more. Except it may take a long time to gather sufficient cash for traveling. Others still suddenly discover that there is another way, a way to spend a long time in a place without needing much money – they stumble upon the volunteering option. On making this discovery, the frantic search begins and soon they realize that there are lots of organizations looking for long-term volunteers in all sorts of areas of work. From partaking in the running of sports tournaments, to helping homeless people and all the way to working with kids with special needs, the array of options is amazing.

Volunteering in Europe is a great way to spend a little longer, to even settle down for a few weeks or months and this is why:

  • Savoring a New Culture & Way of Life: When volunteering in a different country, you become part of the community and experience the life locals lead. Soon, you will be familiar with the way of life, know lots of people and become an expert in all aspects of life there. This is full-immersion and if you are also learning a new language, your horizon will be broadened even further.
  • Getting to Know Lots of New People: Volunteering is a great way to meet people and make lifelong friends and everyone that has done it only has the best of stories to tell. Volunteering can be life-changing and is certainly one undertaking that will broaden your mind and give you a deeper understanding of people and the world.
  • The Feel Good Factor: Not that you need to be some sort of a saint to volunteer, most people volunteer abroad, primarily to be able to live and work abroad without spending a fortune, however, there is a feel good factor. For starters, many organizations heavily rely on volunteers and could not operate without them and secondly, when working for and with others, you do do some good and that will build your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Your Time Off: Even if you are a full-time volunteer, you will have some time to travel and explore, party and shop and enjoy life at your favorite destination.

Your Options

A simple online search will guide you to relevant websites, the European Union as well as individual countries have websites showing lists of organization looking for volunteers. You will also find out, how to apply, what requirements there are and what criteria you must meet. There are lots of options from volunteer stints of just a few weeks, to year-long volunteering programs. In most cases, you will be provided with food and accommodation in return for your work and in some cases, organizations may pay you pocket money and even contribute to the price of your plane ticket to get there in the first place. Each organization is different, so make sure to find out as much information as you can before applying.

The Paperwork

The following website will give you a brief insight into the criteria and requirements to meet for volunteer work in Europe:

Make sure to check it out and ensure that you qualify. Essentially, these are the basic requirements you must fulfill:

  • Be of the age as set out by the country and organization of your choice
  • Show in writing that you have an agreement with an organization and that you will be able work as a volunteer for them, clearly indicating the time frame. Often, the organization is requested to take some responsibility for your health and safety.
  • You must provide financial information, sometimes even proof of your own funds, along with details from the organization indicating how they will provide for you.

If you have fallen in love with a place, long to spend some more time there, enjoy teamwork and meeting people, volunteering is a great way to do just that.